technifab taking flight
Technifab to exhibit at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019

January 05, 2019

Technifab will showcase our premium, high performing products at Aircraft Interior Expo in Hamburg, Germany April 2 – 4 2019. Visitors to Technifab’s booth will discover our unique, custom products that provide outstanding solutions for a world of applications in the aerospace market. Technifab’s Next Generation of products are replacing heavier components of the Environmental Control Systems (ECS) - such as ducting, sleeves, plenums, nozzles, caps, and flex hoses in addition to our insulation tubes, window seals, window housings, and other interior components. It is the perfect opportunity for Technifab to further understand your project requirements and understand how we can provide the best solution. 

Technifab is an innovative product and system solutions provider for aircraft - utilizing lightweight, flame retardant foam material that is changing the way engineers think about part design. This is accomplished through various proprietary conversion, manufacturing, molding, and assembly processes.   

Booth location: 2U18

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