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Initial Release of “Technifab Requirements and Expectations for Suppliers (TRES)” Document

October 04, 2013

Background Information

The Aerospace Standard AS9100 (Rev. C) and customer requirements contain a number of clauses and flow down information relative to supplier management and oversight. For example, per AS9100C Technifab is mandated to ensure that purchased product conforms to specified purchase requirements (Clause 7.4.1.), obligated to communicate purchasing information (Clause 7.4.2.) and required to establish and implement the inspection or other activities necessary for ensuring that purchased product meets specified purchase requirements (Clause 7.4.3.).


What is TRES?

Technifab Requirements and Expectations for Suppliers (refered to as TRES) defines, illustrates and explains quality and procurement requirements for tier 1, sub-tier suppliers and processors on product purchased for fly-away applications (product as part of the aircraft). Specifically, its construct and content is based on the Aerospace Industry AS9100C Quality Management System standard. TRES purpose is to clearly explain and communicate Technifab information to our suppliers, clarify requirements, eliminate waste and support a partner relationship with our supply base.


In summary, the TRES Document will be the primary method Technifab will use to comply with supplier related AS9100 and customer requirements. To accomplish this, TRES will be invoked by direct reference on Technifab’s purchase orders.



The following milestones will be used for the communication, training, deployment and enforcement of TRES:

1.       September 2013:         Initial Release of TRES to Technifab suppliers

2.       October 2013:             Supplier review of TRES

3.       October 2013:             Details sent to suppliers regarding the Technifab Supplier Symposium

4.       November 12, 2013:     Technifab Supplier Symposium

5.       December 2013:          Supplier review of TRES

6.       January 2014:              TRES invoked on all new Technifab purchase orders issued after January 1, 2014


Response Requirements and Technifab Point of Contact Information

1.       Suppliers shall reply to this email acknowledging receipt of the initial release of TRES

2.       Suppliers are requested to review and email questions (if any) to regarding TRES content.

3.       Suppliers are expected to attend the November 12, 2013 Technifab Supplier Symposium (details to follow by separate email).

The TRES document can be found on our website here:

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