technifab taking flight
A New Level of Problem Solving

Innovation and invention are the core ingredients that fuel our engineering team to excel in custom product development, rapid prototyping, and new program launches. Our Engineering team has the ability and experience to convert customers' requirements into products that dramatically reduce weight in aircraft. Our engineers also provide lean solutions for assemblies by reducing installation time, minimizing labor and associated complexities, and condensing flow time in customer manufacturing. Technifab is one source for complete component build of quality parts, on time delivery, and ease of complete installation.

The communications flow between each department within Technifab's Program Management is as follows:

  • Business Development Team is the first line of our communication between our customers and our internal systems (Quality and Engineering).
  • Research and Development is a direct combination for development of customer processing requirements. It is also a way to convert customer ideas in conjunction with prototype parts into a reality.
  • Prototypes can be made during the development phase of the program launch.
  • Engineering Project Management follows the fundamentals of AS9100 and helps ensure that all customer regulatory and statutory requirements are met.
  • Quality Engineering Team verifies and validates the manufacturing process and product requirements to our customers, as documented on the AS9102 Forms.
  • Manufacturing Engineering team will ensure that capacity and capability to deliver on time is maintained.
  • Customer Service and Operations drives on time delivery.

TAKING FLIGHT™ to a new level of engineering development is easy with Technifab's engineers on your team.