technifab taking flight
Transforming Ideas into Realities

Technifab employs multiple processes to convert closed-cell foam raw materials into custom functional products.

Additionally, Technifab maintains its commitment to a foam distribution and conversion customer base by supplying buns, sheets, blocks, roll goods, and planks.

Listed below are the conversion processes used to transform foam raw materials into custom functional products.

Skiving:   Multiple horizontal splitters used to process buns into sheets including vacuum table technology for tight tolerance requirements.

Water-Jet Cutting:   Both 2-axis and 5-axis water jet cutting technology used for production and prototype development.

Die Cutting:   Multiple die cutting presses that utilize steel rule dies for high volume production.

Machining:   Several 5-axis machining centers for producing simple or complex shapes.

Laminating:   Thermo-bonding of buns to increase overall thickness for large parts.

Molding:   Closed cell foams are moldable and Technifab utilizes this process to thermoform the foam blanks into usable shapes.

Note: All of these processes are used in Aerospace product manufacturing programs.