technifab taking flight
A Journey of Invention

Technifab is TAKING FLIGHT™ on a journey of invention through years of engineering custom products.

Through program management, Technifab provides custom engineered product solutions to many major airframe manufacturers in the world.

Below are a list of finished foam products that replace heavier components of environment control systems (ECS) such as:
  • Ducting
  • Sleeves
  • Air supply components
  • Plenums
  • Nozzles
  • Caps
  • Flex hoses

These products are used for:

Insulation on interior linings and side panels
Window dust seals
Door seals and insulation
Water diverters
Heat-exchanger insulation
Molded insulation tubes and covers
Waste and water pipe insulation
Trim for first class seating - pods
Carpet underlay
Installation pads
Cargo insulation
Cock pit insulation
Chiller and heat exchanger insulation
Door and lavatory insulation
Soft touch panels
Crew Escape Door Insulation
Foam tapes
Gap fillers
Damping materials
Oven and refrigerator insulation
Chiller ducts and water line insulation